Good Afternoon Friends – is it not a lovely day today?  Yes, I am inside at my computer… but just for a little – then outside!!!!! Yeah!

A friend of mine asked me “the paintings on your website, the description says “Bob Ross painted this painting during Season………….. and so on”.”  I said yes…….. and she then asked “is that a photo of the painting Bob Ross did or a photo of a painting you did?”

All the paintings I post on my website is my rendition of Bob’s painting from the series.  I do not post a photo of Bob’s original painting from his series but MY rendition of the painting.  If you look at the photo you will see my signature on the painting.

I thought if she had that question, maybe others did, too!  So I wanted to clarify.

Please, if you have questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

I am now going outside to enjoy the weather!  I hope you are all enjoying God’s creation today!

Peace and Painting