Hello Friends!  I am so glad you stopped by!  What a beautiful day!  Hope you all will have a chance to enjoy it!

I was recently asked if I always had an interest in art and teaching art… and Yes, I did!  I wanted to be an art teacher – mainly an elementary school art teacher.  I always, always loved art!  I remember Christmas getting art supplies – markers, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, scissors, glue, glitter, etc.  My dad also made me a bulletin board for my room and I would decorate it with the seasons just like they did at school and I would hang my creations on it and play school.  We would make a wonderful creation in art in class and I would come home and make more of what I learned!  I loved to make things and still do!

But the true joy is showing and helping others “make things” and see how HAPPY they are when they are done!  The joy they have!  The “I can’t believe I did it” or the “I didn’t think I could” and the “I love mine” and the “thank you”!  You can see their minds opening up to new possibilities of “creating” and hearing “Could I do this instead?” and “What if I did that” and they are thinking, creating, and getting caught up in the joy and fun!  That makes me feel good and happy – sharing what you love and seeing that joy you feel when you create showing in others!

My friends, don’t ever think that you “can’t paint” or “I am no good at art” because that is all nonsense! Bob Ross stated “Talent is a pursued interest.  Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

Any artist – musical artist, culinary artist, sculpture, painter, landscaper, designer – they all learned techniques and they practiced and learned what worked and what didn’t…. yes, they practiced their “talent”.  That means you can, too! For example, if you play the piano, did you just sit down and start playing?  The answer is more than likely, no.  You learned.  You practiced.  You became better and better.  Painting is like that, too.  You learn skills…. you build your skills.  You grow!

So, come out and give it a try…. art is not only about the finished product, but about the journey!

Peace Friends!