Did you ever just have your mind go blank?  You are sitting in front of your canvas, sketch pad, clay – whatever your medium is and you just don’t know what to create?  You are thinking to yourself… “What do I make?”

One way I found to get through that “block”, as they like to call it…. is to go outside, to a park, to the woods, to a stream, or a field….. hang out and reflect and take in all that you see.  Close your eyes, feel the air across your skin and your hair, feel the sun or the shade on you, listen to the leaves wrestling in the wind, the birds singing.  Look at the way the sunlight breaks through the trees, or shines and glistens off the water.  Watch how the water flows down the stream, over the rocks.  How leaves float along, enjoying the ride on the cool water.  How the moss grows on the rocks, wildflowers blooming, the sound of your foot steps on the ground.  Relax. Breath. Listen. Feel. Observe. Take in. Soon, ideas will flow in your mind.  Inspiration!  Maybe a ride in the country pass farms, old houses, fields of produce growing.

Don’t fight your way through a block, let go of it.  Sometimes when we fight something it tightens around us, not letting go.  The more we fight, the more we give what we are fighting power over us.

I hope you will find this useful and you will take time by yourself to renew yourself.  Several hours may be all you need to become inspired to create!

Peace my friends!