Mountain Reflections (Oval) – Sat., June 30, 2018

This lovely painting Bob Ross did during season 12 of his PBS show “The Joy of Painting”. The name of the painting is “Mountain Reflection” and was the second painting of the season. We will be painting this with some changes to Bob’s original. This painting has the beautiful mountains that Bob was known for; as well as a lake with reflections and a cabin. What makes this painting unique is we will be painting it in an oval on a 16X20 rectangular canvas!

This wonderful painting (with changes) is from Bob Ross’s PBS series “The Joy of Painting” season 12.  The changes are 1) painting in an oval and 2) the addition of a lovely little mountain cabin.  This is a gorgeous painting that you will love to paint and to hang on your wall!  You may paint this with summer or fall colors!  It is up to you…. it is “Your World”!  Maybe you don’t feel like a cabin… don’t put one in!  Maybe a large pine tree would look lovely…. or a birch tree!  The choice is yours!

Ocean Sunrise – Fri., June 29, 2018

We will be creating a smaller version (11X14) of the Ocean Sunrise done at Boyer Cellars on Sat., May 26th.  This painting was created by Audrey Golden, a CRI that Bob had as a guest on his show in Season 5 of his PBS series “The Joy of Painting”.   Audrey took a photo of a Florida sunrise and painted it using Bob’s wet-on-wet painting technique and we will, too!  This will be an adorable seaside painting that will enhance any room or would make a lovely gift!  Come and join me for a relaxing evening of painting!