Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my website!  My name is Dore Fay Strock and I am a newly Certified Ross Instructor (Landscape Paintings)!  For my first blog I wanted to introduce myself to you, my fellow art lovers!  I have been painting Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique for 3 years and decided that I wanted to become certified so I could share the Joy of Painting with others!

All of my First Time Students will receive $5 off their first class!  And to those of you who may become regulars with me… you will receive a Student Appreciation Reward – every tenth class at 50% off!  That is up to a $30 value.  I teach two different size paintings – 11X14 for $30 and 16X20 for $60.

So how the discount works will be like this:

If you paint five – 11X14 paintings out of the nine classes – you will receive 50% off a 11X14 class – that would be a $15 discount                                                                                                                               If you paint five – 16X20 paintings out of the nine classes – you will receive 50% off a 16X20 class – that would be a $30 discount

It is my way of saying thank you to new students and those who love to paint!

My website is very new and we are still working on little glitches that pop up!  If you every have any questions or issue, please just give me a call!  I would love to talk with you.

If you want to sign up for a class and do not have PayPal (which we are currently working on within the website) please go ahead and register (and we are still working on that – Rome was not built in a day, lol)  or you may call me to get your name on the class list!  I recommend at this point in time to call me – just for assurance!

I would love to see you at one of my classes and share the Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique with you!

Happy Painting Friends!

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