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I was recently asked, several times, “How do you choose paintings for class?”

Well, with Bob I have 403 landscape paintings from which to choose!  He did the “Joy of Painting” series for 31 seasons and each season had 13 paintings…so that is 403 paintings!  And that is just Landscape – not counting floral and wildlife!

This is my thought process:

  • Variety/Subject – I want to offer a variety… not mountain, after mountain, after mountain….  So I look at the topic of the painting and think, who may like to paint this?  I am doing some unique paintings by Bob that most really don’t know he did!!  There are some amazing and different techniques – using a sponge and paper towel to apply the under paint.  One of my favorite Bob painting is titled “Camp Fire”.  I think campers, hikers and those who love to sit around a fire would enjoy creating!  It is so different from Bob’s usual paintings.  There is no liquid white, liquid black or liquid clear used in that painting…..   Some of you are probably thinking “Say what?!”.  It’s true – a very different process from the normal base paints – liquid white, black and clear – and super fun to do!
  • Seasonal – Summer is coming, so let’s do some fun beach and ocean paintings!  Like to fish – how about a harbor with a fishing boat!  This time of year, I am thinking everyone is over winter and don’t want to paint “snow”, but warm, spring and summer themes!
  • Shapes – yes, shapes! Bob did paintings inside an oval!  Some paintings give the illusion of looking out a house window!
  • Colors – people are drawn to color… some like bright, bold tones!  Others, pastel and soft tones.  Some like paintings that create mode – like dark tone paintings.

There is something for everyone!

If you are interested in painting a beach theme painting, but, personally not a fan of the beach – give it as a gift to a family member or friend who loves the beach!

I enjoy sharing with students new and unique techniques Bob used in some of his paintings.  There is a painting that uses white, black and gray gesso!  Then applying transparent paints over top of what you already painted with the gesso.

I will be offering some great, easy paintings for those who may have never touched a paint brush in their life.   I will include that information in the painting description.

But really, Bob made all his paintings available for anyone at any level to do.

Yes, I will be including Bob’s mountain paintings, too!

So keep an eye out for these wonderful paintings and come join me for a fun day of painting and creating!  I look forward to meeting and painting with you!