No worries!  You can still paint!!!!

Have you ever painted with a sponge?  Or a pallet knife?  Or Q-tips? Or and business card or old credit card?  Did you know you can paint and do AMAZING THINGS with those items?

Yes, you can!  Experiment with different objects – a plastic bag, or a rolled up paper towel!  Play with an art project and you will be amazed at the different things you can paint with and the different and amazing things that these items do!  HAVE FUN!  The various textures and patterns these household items can make!  Release your imagination!

I tend to find that if you use different items to paint with it can help you break through a creative block, develop new skills or increase your existing skills.  Re-energize you if you feel you are in a slump.

Try painting an entire painting with a pallet knife… do a painting with nothing but dots, trying creating a painting with just 2 colors… think “outside the box”.

Try these items and ideas and HAVE FUN!

Happy Painting My Friends!