Hello art friends!  Sorry I have not blogged for a while…. I have been painting!  And painting, and painting, and painting!  Times 10!

I have done 10 new Bob Ross paintings to share with you – my friends!

I have just uploaded more classes on my website, so please check out the “Art Classes” tab and come out and paint with me!  There is a wide variety of paintings – from camp fire, to a dock scene, to snow-covered mountains and ocean sunrises, nighttime and daytime!

I have a few more to create and add to the website, but you will find classes now through June.  Always come back and check out the website for the new ones still to be created and posted.

Life can be so busy, so hectic, so…… just SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  However, I know one way you can relax and that is painting!  If you have not tried it… TRY IT!  Ask a friend or family member to join you in a class.  It is a great way to create and spend time with friends and family.  You are not only creating a painting, but you are creating a memory!  Give a painting as a gift!  What a wonderful keepsake that would be!  An original oil painting by someone you love!  A family treasure for sure!  Or, sign them up for a painting class and give them the gift of creating!  I had a lovely lady call me in February and signed her husband up for a class for Valentine’s Day!  What a lovely gift!  He LOVED it!  He enjoyed watching Bob on TV for years and always wanted to paint, so his wife gave him that special gift!

I do hope to meet you all in a class soon so we can experience together the “Joy of Painting”!

Happy Painting Friends!

God Bless!