Hello All!  That time of year is approaching us!  You know, freezing rain, sleet and snow!  So, you may wonder, what about classes?

If I decide to cancel a class, I will make a decision and email you the day before.

If you do not receive an email from me, than please know I will still be holding class.  However, if YOU decide you do not want to go out in the inclement weather, all I ask is that you PLEASE let me know the day before and not the day of.

In case you are not aware, I DO NOT cancel classes due to how many signed up!  Even if there is just one student signed up – we paint!  So, with that being said, please, please let me know if you are not coming.  I do not want to venture out – with all my supplies, unload and set up, and have no shows.  Then I ventured out for no reason.  I am sure you can understand how that would feel; especially in inclement weather.  So I kindly ask that you let me know if you decided not to attend.  It saves time, supplies, prep work on canvas if that painting requires it and of course, driving in the freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding; but most of all, for experiencing “The Joy of Painting” with me!

Peace to all my wonderful art friends!