Hello everyone!  I just wanted to share a wonderful experience I had with some wonderful young men and women at the St. Mary’s Catholic School in Hagerstown, Md.

A wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Renken, blessed me with the opportunity to come in and teach “The Joy of Painting” – Bob Ross, with her art club students!  I was so happy to see these young folks so excited about Bob Ross and his paintings!  Bob is still blessing people with art – all people of all ages!  Bob made painting possible for so many people and the joy that is still resonating from his gift is so wonderful to witness!

I only had a two hour window to work with these students and what they produced in two hours was simply amazing!  Please check out the student art gallery and see what they accomplished!  I had three groups and the last group was students who were not in art club, but when they heard that the art club members were painting with the Bob Ross technique they begged Mrs. Renken to have me come back and teach them!  And they did amazing!  I don’t think you will be able to tell the art club members from the non members because THEY ALL did a wonderful, wonderful job!

I asked them all what their favorite thing about Bob was……… and they mostly all said “His hair!”….. LOL

They were so full of excitement and joy to paint!  I learned a lot working with them and enjoyed the experience immensely! It was so wonderful to be so blessed to meet these students and sharing in their joy of art!  May they all have a wonderful summer and best wishes for a great new school year this fall!