Hello Art Friends!

The class schedule for November is now available!  Check out the latest paint classes!  “Mountain Challenge” is an all knife painting and was lots of fun!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wow your friends and increase your knife skills! There are some beautiful winter scenes – you know, since winter is coming!  And they make wonderful Christmas presents!

Come out and paint and bring family members and friends along!  I know they would love “The Joy of Painting”!

NOTE:  If there is a painting that has a building in it and you just are not a “building” person…. you can paint and leave that out!  Add a tree or whatever you feel!  That’s ok!  You are free to do what you want!  I am there to help you!  I know some of you like it to be a “nature” painting with no cabins, etc. and that IS FINE!  It is “Your World”!

I hope to see you all soon and I look forward to painting with you!

Peace, Love and Joy