Awl………………….. Four new paintings done this week for classes in July!  Busy….. but fun!  Do you love the Blue jay?!

I hope you will review the upcoming classes and come out and spend some time with me creating these lovely paintings!

I teach at three locations on Fridays and Saturdays and would love to paint with you!  Bob Ross classes are easy!  People say “I could never do that!”  “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”  Well, I am glad you can’t draw a stick figure because WE DO NOT DO THAT!  LOL   I ensure you that you can paint a Bob Ross painting!  YOU CAN!  I will take you through it step-by-step and you will leave with a lovely, original oil painting created by YOU!

So dive it!  Take a chance!  You WILL NOT regret it!  It is fun and we become family!

If you painted with me, I would love to see you again!  If you are new, I would love to meet you!

It’s fun!  It’s relaxing!  It’s JOYFUL!

I hope to see you soon – Peace!