Hello Art Friends!

I wanted to speak to you all regarding subject matter.  I want all my students and future students to know that you can change a painting to suit your likes!  Someone said they don’t like “buildings” in their painting.  If there is a painting you like, and you don’t want a building – cabin, etc. – you don’t have to put it in!  It is your painting and your world!  You are free to change it up!  I encourage it!  I am there to help guide you along, help when you get stuck – I am there to teach technique – YOU are there to create, have fun, paint and to be CREATIVE!  So please, keep that in mind.  I have many students that just want a “nature” painting w/o cabins.  So, they leave them out.  They add more trees, or a fence, or whatever they want!

So come out!  Experience “The Joy of Painting”!

I look forward to painting with you!