Greetings All!

We reviewed Liquid White… now I would like to review Liquid Clear.

Liquid Clear is exciting to use – it will give the wet-on-wet base coat needed, but IT WILL NOT dilute the intensity of your colors – keeps the paint dark and bright.  As I explained with Liquid White, it needs applied in a very thin coat.  However, Liquid Clear will need to be applied even more sparingly.  An extremely thin coat!  Liquid Clear will not need stirred as you do with the Liquid White and Liquid Black.  Liquid Clear has a sticky feel to it – it is like you are painting with honey…. at least to me, that is how I describe it.  You must use it sparingly.  Since it is clear, it is difficult to see.  Standing off to the side and looking at your canvas will help you to see where it has been applied and where you may have missed.  Pay close attention to the corners and edges.  Where your canvas is shiny, then there is Liquid Clear on it.  If it is dull and flat, it is dry, it did not receive any Liquid Clear.

Apply the liquid clear to a clean, dry canvas (if you had prepped your canvas with a coat of black gesso for example – as you would for the painting “Northern Lights” – make sure the gesso is completely dry!).  Apply with the 2″ or 1″ clean brush.  PLEASE make sure your brush is dry.  If you cleaned your brush in thinner, make sure you completely clean/dry out the thinner on your brush.  Liquid Clear and thinner don’t mix well on your canvas.  If you have thinner in your brush, it will cause bubbles in your Liquid Clear that you will visibly see on your canvas.  If that happens, try to clean the area off with a paper towel and remove all the bubbled Liquid Clear.  Then with a clean, DRY brush, reapply.

Use a scrubbing motion and scrub the Liquid Clear into the canvas in a very, very thin coat.  Check to make sure you canvas is covered with the Liquid Clear.  Then take a folder paper towel and wipe over your entire canvas with medium  pressure.  This will remove any excess Liquid Clear.

There is no test for Liquid Clear like the finger print test for Liquid White.

You can also thin your paint using Liquid Clear just as you would with Liquid White.  Since it is clear, your paint colors will remain bright and undiluted.  Great for seascapes and fall foliage.

If it becomes thickened, you can also thin Liquid Clear with Bob Ross Odorless Thinner (in the can, stir and incorporate well).

I hope you will find this helpful in the use of Liquid Clear.

Art is like all other things in life, trail and error and practice, practice, practice!  Build your skills and have fun doing it!

Happy Painting Friends!

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