Hello Friends,

I hope I find you all doing well on this bright, sunshiny morning!  It is so great to hear the birds singing their new song!  Trees blooming, flowers displaying their beautiful colors!  Creation is amazing, isn’t it!

So often, I hear people say “I couldn’t paint that!”  “I can’t draw a stick figure!”  “I have no artistic talent!”  Well, I disagree…. and so does Bob!!!!  EVERYONE of us has talent!  We may not all be Picassos or Rembrandts… however, we ALL have creative gifts and talents!  And art is more than just the finished product!!!! It is about the journey.  It is about creating.  It is about freeing ourselves.  It is about the process!  The learning!  The growing!  The development!  The JOURNEY!  You don’t just sit down and play Mozart the first time at the piano.  It takes years of study/practice.  It’s in the journey.  Whether it is culinary arts – learning to be a chef or an master baker – or and expert gardener, or seamstress, or welding or fabricating or woodworking, etc. you learn as you go, you grow from experience and practice.

Art is awesome therapy…. to relax, to get lost in the process, to experience that feeling of creating!  It is so calming!

I hope you come out and paint along with me…. I can tell you, you will leave with a painting that will look like what is to look like…. that was Bob’s gift to this world… bringing art and making it accessible to EVERYONE!  I totally agree with Bob……..

Please do not sale yourself short…… you can do it!!!!!!

Peace, Love and Joy to you All!