Hello!  Welcome to my Website.  My name is Dore Fay Strock, and I am a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI).  I completed my Certification in Landscape painting January 2018 and just completed my Floral Certification July 2022 (CRFI).  I attended Bob Ross painting classes for 4 years under Certified Ross Instructor Barbara Powell before I decided that I wanted to teach others the Bob Ross method of painting!

I was born and raised in south-central PA and have remained here and currently live in Chambersburg.  I have always loved art!  Anything I can do with my hands I love – from cooking, baking, gardening, painting – oil, acrylic, water colors – clay/pottery, refinishing or refurbishing old furniture and so much more.  It just makes me happy!

I had worked for Paint Nite as an Artist for a year before I began painting with oil and I fell in love with!  I would love to show you “The Joy of Painting” in the Bob Ross style – you know, those Happy Little Trees!  You will have fun and you will be amazed with your finished oil painting!

Please join me for an art class!  Please see the tab title “Art Classes” for a current list of Bob Ross art classes in the area.  Private lessons and group parties (up to 10 people) available!

I also provide acrylic paint parties and fundraisers – so please contact me for any information!

Come and join me in “The Joy of Painting”!  Hope to see you soon!

Dore Fay Strock, Artist