Hello All,

I picked up the new order of frames and are they ever beautiful!   They did a fantastic job with the finishes!

I know I posted earlier that the new frames will be $30 due to increase in production….. however, when I picked them up today there were $5 more each!  So, I will need to sell them for $35.  I did notice that the frames are wider then the first ones…. which looks really nice!!!!

They are available if Black, White and Walnut finish.  Please remember, these frames are made to be hung landscape of portrait and you can change out your canvas in 10 seconds!  You will not need to invest in frames for every painting and it will be easier to store your canvases without the frame!

I will have one each with me.  If you know you would like a certain finish please let me know ahead of time to ensure you will be able to purchase your choice!

Thank you all!  Have a wonder night and keep warm!