Hello Art Friends,

I hope this message finds YOU ALL safe and HEALTHY.  Wow, this is so surreal…. How things can change so quickly.

I had an inquiry regarding classes.  For now, there will be no classes.  I will be leaving the website as it is at this time.  I will try to reschedule some of the classes that we will be missing.  Please don’t hesitate to sign up for a class!!  Sign up and be hopeful that this pandemic will end quickly and that no more of our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, communities and cities will perish due to this virus!

As we come to terms with, what they are calling, “the new normal”, let us not forget how blessed we are.

I think if  Bob was still with us, he would have a positive attitude and would be painting “happy little trees” and giving them all a friend.

Until we can paint together again, I pray for the health and safety of all of you and your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and your community!