Hello Friends,

There has been a glitch in my website through the website company.  I have lost the last several posts and all changes I made for the upcoming classes for they year.  In addition, I have lost names of anyone who has signed up in the past two weeks.  They had to use an old “back-up” file to fix the issue and therefore all new data/changes/registrations have been lost.

If you have signed up for a class, please text, email or call me so I can verify that your name is on the registration list.

So to recap the information that was lost:

All classes for the remainder of the year will be held at Mountain Top Ministries and NOT at Hobby Lobby.

Also, I am offering private groups and private lessons at the same cost as public classes.

Also, I am offering acrylic paint parties at $25 per person.

Please contact me for any addition information.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you