Hello Art Friends,

I have an important update/announcement.

Due to the increase in art supply products – as much as a 33% increase on many of my supplies – I will no longer be honoring the “Student Reward Program” which offers every 10th painting class 1/2 Off”.  As you know, product costs and shipping rates have been on the rise.  I can no longer absorb these costs and continue giving 1/2 price classes for the “Student Reward Program”.

I do not want to increase the cost of a class.  So, to make some cost effective changes, I have decided to cancel the “Student Reward Program” which offers every 10th class 1/2 off.

For all of those who have take 5 OR MORE CLASSES WITH ME AS OF THIS DATE – SATURDAY, APRIL 10TH – I will honor the 1/2 price class on your 10th class.  If you have taken 4 or less classes with me, this promotion is null and void.

I do hope you can understand these challenging times and the need to adjust and make necessary changes.

I will still be offering $5 off for first time students!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting me!

I look forward to painting with you soon!

Sharing the Colors of the World!