Hello to all of my art friends!

Well, 2020 is behind us and a new year lays ahead.  I have been busy working on my class schedule for 2021!

There are many new paintings, some old favorites, two (2) workshop offerings (April and July), a “Mystery Painting” and a day to “Create Your Own”!

The schedule is complete except for the Month of October.  I will be offering three (3) classes that month – all new paintings!  I still have to paint those, but I have some time to do that.  I will send out a post letting you know that they have been posted!

So, let me give you some details on the “Mystery Painting”!

 Mystery Painting

Saturday, August 7, 2021 – You will not know what you will be painting until you arrive at class!  So you have to be adventurous!  The painting will be on a 16X20 canvas.  This painting will be an easy and carefree painting and will be wonderful for the first time painter or just a great time for a seasoned painter!  Come out for a fun filled, “surprise” Saturday!  Cost: $50

Here are the details on the “Create Your Own”!

 Create Your Own

Saturday, September 25, 2021 – You will have the opportunity to put your own thoughts down on canvas!  Whether you have an idea in your head, or a sketch, photo, picture off a greeting card, whatever!  You will have 4 hours and all supplies available – includes a 16X20 canvas – and my help, to put your idea down on canvas.

There are some limitations: 1) painting must be done on a white canvas,  2) no vinyl stencils needed, and 3) no oval paintings

This class will be limited to 5 students so I will be available to assist everyone.

Take advantage of this opportunity to use all the tools and supplies to create your own design!  Cost: $50

Please be sure to view the class schedule!

I look forward to painting with my art friends.  And I look forward to meeting YOU – My new art friends!  Come out and discovery the “Joy of Painting”!  You won’t regret it!

Wishes for a Healthy, Safe, Prosperous and Joyful 2021!